May 17, 2014, NAIA – The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) supports the Department of Health (DOH) in its drive against the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS COV).  The MIAA Medical Division, in coordination with the Bureau of Quarantine, is part of the operational procedures that are being done at the airport as preventive measures against MERS CoV, such as intensifying surveillance procedures, use of thermal scanners, issuance of health checklist and health alert notice to all arriving international passengers and mass information campaign about MERS CoV.

Also, considering the urgency of transporting a suspected case of MERS CoV, the MIAA ambulance may be allowed to escort the DOH-Bureau of Quarantine ambulance to the designated waiting area.

However, nobody is allowed to release any information about suspected cases/s of MERS CoV seen at the airport.  Only the DOH has the sole authority to divulge information related to the illness/disease, since data related to the subject are evolving every now and then.  The Bureau of Quarantine shall be a restricted area as part of the Infection Control Measures.

Rest assured that all control measures are in place, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are available and adequate medical personnel are positioned to ensure that airport stakeholders are safe and protected.

These guidelines shall be observed in line with the DOH preparedness program on MERS COV.

adjustment of parking rate at the naia facilities
Jachob 'Coco' Rasuman, leader of an investment firm allegedly behind a massive pyramiding scam, is escorted by NBI agents at the NAIA-3 the other night. Inset shows Rasuman during his arrest in Marawi City. RUDY SANTOS/GERRY GORIT


The MANILA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT AUTHORITY (MIAA) is calling on the owners of the following abandoned aircrafts to claim and remove/dismantle their aircrafts which are parked atthe General Aviation Area, NAIA Complex, Pasay City.  

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