MIAA Mandate

Executive Order No. 778, as amended by Executive Order NO. 903 mandates the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) to:

Formulate and adopt for application in the airport internationally acceptable standards of airport accommodation service;
Upgrade and provide safe, efficient and reliable airport facilities for international and domestic air travel;
Help encourage and promote international and domestic air traffic in the country as a means of making the Philippines a center of international and domestic air travel;
Perform other functions as maybe provided by the law while maintaining financial viability as an autonomous government entity.

MIAA Mission

We provide safe, secured and efficient environment enabling stakeholders to deliver a seamless experience for passenger and all airport users, contributing to economic development.

MIAA Vision

By 2022, NAIA as managed and operated by MIAA, is recognized as among the best airports in Asia.



safety policy 2020

integrated quality and environmental policy 2021

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