July 25, 2023, Pasay City - Airport security guard Mahmud Mastul found an unattended baggage containing jewelry and cash amounting to over 1.9 million pesos while doing his duty rounds at NAIA Terminal 1.

On July 21, 2023, Mahmud Mastul noticed a suitcase at the arrival greeters area and immediately sought assistance from the MIAA Police and the PNP Aviation Security Group so that necessary SOPs can be implemented.

Officers from the MIAA Airport Police Department (APD) and the PNP Aviation Security Group promptly responded and cleared the unattended suitcase of any threat to security.

The suitcase was thereafter surrendered to the MIAA Lost and Found Section for proper inventory and documentation in the presence of witnesses. After taking account of the items inside the suitcase, the MIAA contacted the owner, Miguel Carpio, who went back to the airport to claim his belongings after ownership was established.

Mahmud Mastul , 34, has been in NAIA since 2016 where he has been assigned in different areas of the airport. In his seven (7) years at work, this is the first time that he was able to experience a situation where his honesty was put to test.

"Kung hindi naman sa iyo, malaki man o maliit na bagay, kailangan mo i-surrender kasi hindi naman sa iyo ‘yung gamit na ‘yon. Hindi mo dapat pag-interesan ang hindi sa iyo. Kailangan isasauli sa tunay na may-ari ang gamit na ‘yon." Mastul confidently said.

“Ang mahalaga lang sakin ay maisauli ko ang kumpletong gamit na walang kulang. Kumpletong-kumpleto lahat ng gamit. Yun lang po," he further added.

MIAA Officer-in-Charge Bryan Co was happy to receive the good news. “Mr. Mastul’s display of honesty by promplty reporting the incident not only sets a good example to his colleagues but also proves that our efforts to promote integrity and professionalism among airport workers is gaining ground from all levels of service," Co said.