Cecilio A. Bobila

Duties and Functions

  • Ensure the efficient delivery of legal services such as administrative and legal opinions/counselling to the various groups and departments of the Authority including its clientele;
  • Provide timely and sound legal assistance and/or advice to the General Manager;
  • Collaborate and coordinate with the Office of the Solicitor General and Office of the Government Corporate Counsel in the handling of cases referred to them by the Authority;
  • Undertake the litigation of administrative disciplinary cases against MIAA officials and employees and recommend actions to be taken;
  • Review and/or prepare contracts, memoranda of agreement and all other legal documents involving the Authority;
  • Interpret pertinent laws, administrative orders, rules and regulations affecting the Authority and its employees;
  • Review propriety and legality of rules, policies and regulations, pronouncements, procedures and guidelines affecting the airport and its users;
  • Undertake researches and studies on highly technical legal matters and keep management abreast of the latest laws, rules and judical pronouncements/developments affecting the Authority;
  • Perform other related functions.