Manuel S. Gonzales

Duties and Functions

  • Assist the General Manager in providing executive leadership in the over-all management, supervision and control of the administration operations and internal control of affairs affecting security services;
  • Oversees the operational activities of the organizational components under his functional jurisdiction and coordinates in the implementation of the plans and programs thereof;
  • Advises the General Manager in the formulation and implementation of the general management objectives, policies, measures and guidelines pertaining to security, firefighting and rescue and medical services;
  • Act for and in behalf of the General Manager on matters pertaining to security, firefighting and rescue and medical services that may require final action/ approval by the General Manager whenever he is unable to attend conferences/hearings due to unavoidable circumstances or other allied reasons, subject to prior authorization issued in writing by the General Manager; and
  • Performs other related functions and such other duties as may be assigned/delegated by the General Manager.