Bryan Andersen Y. Co
General Manager

Duties and Functions

  • Directs, supervises and coordinates the management, operation and administration of the Authority to maintain international standards of service to Airport users and to ensure its financial stability in accordance with the programs, plans, policies and procedures and guidelines of the Board;
  • Undertakes researches, studies, investigations and other activities related to the present operations and future development requirements of the Airport, in his own initiative or upon instructions of the Board and to submit comprehensive reports and appropriate recommendations to the Board for its information and action;
  • Appoints, assigns and provides discipline to any subordinate officers or employees of the Authority subject to the approval of the Board;
  • Establishes and maintains coordination with appropriate government offices and agencies to facilitate the prompt dissemination of financial, statistical and other relevant data within the Authority of the Board;
  • Within limits of delegated authority, executes contracts, incurs obligations, acquires and disposes of assets and delivers documents, on behalf of the Authority;
  • Implements and enforces decisions, orders, rules and regulations issued, prescribed or adopted by the Board;
  • Performs such other duties as the Board may delegate or assigns and such acts as may be necessary and proper to implement the provision of EO 778 and EO 903.