Mark Arthur N. Salvador

Duties and Functions

  • Plans, directs, supervises and coordinates the overall activities of the Business Development and Concession Management Department including but not limited to;
  • Development and implementation of plans, policies and procedures governing the development of business enterprises and investment potential of the Authority;
  • Conduct of project feasibility studies and the identification and implementation of income-generating projects which are technically feasible and financially viable;
  • Management and operation of business enterprises and other establishments within the MIAA Complex;
  • Conduct of regular inspection of businesses to determine conformance with existing rules and regulations;
  • Preparation and processing of contracts lease agreements and/or permits for the use of the airport facilities and other properties;
  • Oversees the operational activities of the organizational components under his functional jurisdiction and coordinates the implementation of the plans and programs thereof;
  • Acts as adviser on business development and concession management matters to higher officials of the Authority;
  • Plans and assigns works to subordinates and reviews the same;
  • Performs other related works.