Danilo R. Inalves

Duties and Functions

  • Conducts screening on persons, baggage and all items passing through the screening point to ensure that no weapon or device that could be used as tool/s to commit an act of unlawful interference is carried through the screening point by any person, checked-in baggage or in hand carried item/s;
  • Ensures that screening equipment are functioning based on the required Standards of Performance and Adequate for achieving the objective and coping with the screening demands;
  • Ensures coordination with the appropriate Airline for the Off-Loading of the concerned Passenger/s and his/her baggage/s;
  • Conducts paneling and clearing operations on left behind baggage items and areas reported, designated area/s prior to the engagement/occasions of high profile personalities, and vital facilities within MIAA Complex;
  • Provides immediate response to call/s for assistance requiring armed intervention;
  • Provides Tactical Support and Assistance to other Law Enforcement Agencies during high – risk situation;
  • Augments Perimeter and Terminal Security during high profile engagement;
  • Arrests and apprehends violator/s of established Laws, Procedures, Policies, Rules and Regulations; and
  • Performs other related functions as may directed by higher authorities.