Antonio D. Callanta

Duties and Functions

  • Plans, directs, coordinates and supervises implementation over MIAA Contracted Security Guards under Airside to ensure faithful compliance of Official Duties and Responsibilities consistent with the established Laws, Policies, Procedures, Rules and Regulations;
  • Implements Access Control Procedures to all Personnel and Vehicles within the Airside Areas;
  • Conducts routine Patrol and Inspection of Post and Vehicles within Airside Areas;
  • Arrest and apprehends violators of established Laws, Policies, Procedures, Rules and Regulations; and turn-over to the appropriate authority/ies or Office/s for proper disposition;
  • Recommends appropriate changes in the Airport Security Program consistent with the present security condition, needs and circumstances;
  • Coordinates with other Law enforcement/Security Units and Agencies on matters related to Security; and
  • Performs other related functions as may directed by higher authorities.