Reynaldo A. Lontoc

Duties and Functions

Exercises general supervision and control of all activities at the International Cargo Terminal (ICT) complex and in consonance with the CIQ rules/policies and procedures, such as:

  • Tasked to monitor the cargo operations and terminal facilities
  • Exercises authority to stop unauthorized activities by tenants, employees or the public in violation of safety, regulations and procedure of the airport
  • Enforcement of rules and regulations concerning International Cargo Terminal, access road and parking facilities
  • Coordinates ICT building and other facility activities with maintenance/engineering and security divisions
  • Coordinates all parking facility activities with tenants and transit companies
  • Developing an approved maintenance schedule, programs, plans and compliance for all building maintenance requirements
  • Answer inquiries and explains Authority’s procedures and safety regulations to tenants
  • Investigates and reports on complaints and disrupted ICT operations, including aircraft accidents, rules and procedure violations airlines/carrier activities and operations at the airport.
  • Develop special methods for building maintenance, security and cargo handling procedures when necessary.
  • Perform other related functions.