Rosemarie G. EreƱeta

Duties and Functions

  • Plans, directs, coordinates and supervises the following functions to cash management:
  • a) Preparation of data for projection of cash receipts; b) Assurance and maintenance of collection records; c) Preparation of cash collection tally sheets and procedures; d) Implementation of prescribed disbursement systems and procedures; e) Payment of compensation and other monetary benefits of the corporate officials and employees; f) Payment of other disbursements of the corporate and the maintenance of appropriate records.
  • Supervises the preparation of summary of cash collections and regular reports accountability;
  • Supervises the maintenance of adequate cash balance for current and future operational needs;
  • Directs and supervises the design and development of methods and procedures governing the receipt, custody and disbursement of cash;
  • Undertakes the depository of cash and prepares written reports on cash positions and other reports;
  • Plans assigns and distributes work assignments to subordinates;
  • Performs other related functions.