Manuel J. Ochoa

Duties and Functions

  • Exercises general supervision on the overall activities of the Mechanical Division;
  • Plans, directs, coordinates and supervises all mechanical engineering works and activities of the division;
  • Performs general and technical paperwork on matters requiring checking-up, verification and action;
  • Supervises the design and estimates of work to be done or alterations to be made in a project, plant or shop;
  • Plans, directs and supervises installation, repair, operation and maintenance of the Airport’s mechanical machineries, equipment and accessories to ensure uninterrupted use of the Airport’s Facilities;
  • Directs the regular inspection of mechanical installations and facilities to determine conformance with established standards and operating procedures;
  • Directs and supervises and/or participates in the preparation of plans, estimates and specifications of mechanical jobs;
  • Supervises and coordinates mechanical works carried out by contractors;
  • Performs other related functions.