Josephine O. Mosot
Division Manager A

Duties and Functions

  • Conduct a continuing study and evaluation of the level of efficiency adn productivity of the agency, the different offices and individual employees;
  • Formulate and recommend policies, strategies, method and techiniques on improving levels of productivity of individuals and offices;
  • Conduct surveys and studies to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of management, organization and industrial engineering techiniques adopted;
  • Conduct a continuing study and analysis of the organization for the purpose of formulating plans, policies, strategies and standards relating to its size, composition, structure, functions and resource equipment;
  • Monitor and undertake continuing development and empirical research on government, organization and related matters, and determine effective management techiniques that are applicables;
  • Develop agency and office program indicators as basis for monitoring and assesing performance and productivity, and for planning the required level and composition of agency and office resources; and
  • Perform other related functions.