Ma. Luisa V. Mascardo

Duties and Functions

  • Directs, coordinate and supervises the formulation and development of long-range and short-range plans and programs, including the annual work programs of the Authority, which shall embody of feasible and in the context of approved priority areas, the proposals of the various organizational components of the Authority and be in consonance with corporate goals and objectives and national development thrusts/policies;
  • Directs and supervises such programming as maybe necessary in accordance with actual resources made available including the determination of cut-backs and/or projects to be included from unprogrammed to programmed category;
  • Directs and supervises the formulation and development of criteria for determining priorities for proposed projects and select accordingly capital projects for funding and execution, together with appropriate funding schemes;
  • Supervises the conduct of continuing research on and analysis of economic conditions and trends, particularly in so far as they affect airport operations and development in particular and the aviation industry in general;
  • Coordinates the conduct of studies, researches, evaluation, projection/forecasting and other activities related to the present operation and future development requirements of the airport;
  • Coordinates programs/projects planning with financial planning activities of the Budget Division;
  • Directs and supervises the planning, organization and monitoring of program/projects implementation and the preparation of progress on performance as required;
  • Plans, assigns and distributes work to subordinate employees;
  • Perform other related functions.