Cecilio A. Bobila

Enrico Francisco B. Gonzalez

Duties and Functions

  • Plans, directs and supervises the work of the entire departments;
  • Reviews, evaluates and recommends to the General Manager the corporate plans and programs of the Authority, and directs the monitoring of compliance therewith for the information of the General Manager;
  • Plans and directs the undertaking of periodic management audit of the various operating and functional units of the Authority, and reviews, evaluates and submits findings thereof to the General Manager, including among others, the extent to which assets are accounted for and safeguarded from losses of all kinds, and needed changes in the organizational structures and staffing pattern;
  • Plans and directs the development, utilization and maintenance of the Authority's computer-based management information system and corporate data bank;
  • Coordinates with other key officials of the Authority for the purposed of identifying key areas of concern whereby the Corporate Management Services Department may be of assistance by way of planning research and investigation;
  • Coordinates with the officials of other government agencies for the purposed of ensuring that MIAA's plans, programs, projects and policies conform with national goals, priorities and policies;
  • Consults with officials of private entities engaged in airport related activities e.g. the airlines and concessionaires for the identifying those areas of airport services which need up-grading.